Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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1 Palo Santo Stick

Protect your energy field by burning Palo Santo. This is the most magical smelling “holy wood” from Peru. These are dead branches harvested naturally from South America’s Sacred Tree. These sticks provide a smell that instantly raise your vibrations. Great to burn during a meditation for a deeper connection. Will also enhance creativity and bring all the love and prosperity you deserve.

Are you needing to clear out the negative energy in your space? Smoke cleansing with these palo santo sticks are therapeutic and restoring. Doing daily, weekly, or monthly rituals by setting your intentions and burning these highly vibrational sticks will rebalance the energy in your space, raise the frequencies, and provide you with a refreshed feel in that area.

Buy now if you’re ready to cleanse your space and remove negative energy lingering in your home, work space, office or car. They’re also great for spaces that have a lot of guests in & out like: Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, Hotels rooms, etc.

Every stick is unique.
You will not receive the exact one pictured. 
Sticks range approx. 5-7 inches
Each smudge stick is able to get 5-7 uses each.

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